Branchenbuch Lübeck

Falken Trade GmbH  

Straße / Nr.: Große Altefähre 24-26
PLZ / Ort: 23552 LÜBECK
Stadtteil: Innenstadt
Telefon: 0451 31702500
Fax: 0451 31702510
USt-Id.-Nr.: DE813885225


Lukasz Kujawa


Falken Trade GmbH – service makes the difference

We are a fast-growing and service-oriented trading company in Lubeck and see our competence in international trade with raw materials for the food industry.

Our highly motivated and competent team as well as flexible logistics with warehousing enables us to arrange transports reliable and on time. as requested.

The close and fair relations with our suppliers and trading partners give you the needed safeness and transperancy with accordingly quality assurance.

Fair means for us that each trade must contribute to mutual benefit!

According to this principle we are prepared to fully satisfy our customers' demand and set our company's objectives at the highest requirements in order to give you the best advantages in every single area such as

service / flexibility / quality / price

We hope to convince you and are looking forward to your contact.

Stichwörter, Firmentätigkeit

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